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Frequently Asked Questions


What are common safety tips?

  • Do not touch or disturb panels or wiring.

  • Do not attempt to work on, alter, repair, disassemble, or remove any part of the system. Doing so could expose you to dangerous electrical currents and void manufacturer warranties. Only trained and certified professionals should service the system.

  • Do not use mirrors or any other option to concentrate sunlight onto your panels. Doing so is dangerous and will void your warranty.

  • Do not step on the panels or allow objects to fall on the panels.

  • Do not allow children or pets near the inverter or the panels on your roof.

Should I clean my solar panels?

Your SunPower system was designed with typical soil accumulation in mind, and seasonal rains are usually enough to adequately clear any soil or dust that might accumulate. We strongly recommend that you do not go onto your roof for panel cleaning or inspection. If severe soiling occurs and you feel it is absolutely necessary to clean the panels, you can clean them by spraying them from the ground with a standard garden hose. We recommend that homeowners only clean panels early in the morning or late evening rather than when the sun is at its peak or when the panels are warm.

Why should I limit shading from trees?

To maximize system production. Trees, plants, rooftop antennas, satellite dishes, and other obstructions can block the sunlight from reaching the panels. If any portion of the panel is shaded, your system will produce electricity at a reduced level. Should you need to trim vegetation or move objects that might shade the panels, please do so during the daylight hours and use caution.

How long will a SunPower solar system last?

SunPower controls the entire production process to ensure that only the highest-quality products reach your rooftop. For both lease and cash systems, we warranty the system with a 25-year limited Combined Power and Product Warranty. For leased systems, we provide a Performance Guarantee (PEGU) for 20 years (during the term of the lease).

Does my system store energy?

No. Unused energy goes back to your utility provider.

What happens during power outages?

Your system will automatically shut down. Safety requirements prohibit the system from producing electricity during a power outage or blackout, because there is a chance that the system could feed electricity into the electric grid while utility workers are accessing the grid. The system will restart automatically when power is restored.

Will it work on cloudy days?

Yes. However, it may produce less electricity depending on the density of the cloud cover.

Does my system work at night?

Sunlight must be present for the system to generate electricity. At night, your system will hibernate, and your inverter will display a blank screen.